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Coffee &

We are coffee and chocolate lovers around here.

Our selection includes everything from Andes Mint Snap Bars to Organic 100% Cocoa Bars.  We offer a variety of Spanish, Belgian, French & Italian chocolates, with an array of 'free from's' for our customers.

Calling our coffee lovers!

We are honoured to offer our customers Galations 5:1 Freedom Coffee.  Born out of a desire to restore community and connection, this coffee brand is representative of the freedom and unity that Canada so desperately needs to preserve.  Whether you are a "silent Saturday morning" coffee drinker, or a "is my post empty already?" drinker, there is an coffee for you to fall for.

Available in Whole Bean, Ground or BioPods (compatible with AeroPress, SunCafe machines, Euro-pad style machines or 1st & 2nd Gen Keurig using a K-Cup adaptor).

Ethiopian Sidamo FTO 

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