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Serving Central Alberta from our Sylvan Lake store.



We at The Ranch Gate Market offer custom cutting for our customers.  Many families wish to save money by buying their meat in bulk and filling the home freezer.  We have two main options for you.


1.  If you have a source of beef, bison, pork, etc, then we do a cut & wrap service for you.  We can get your animal booked into a provincially inspected abbatoir if you need to be able to sell part of it from the farm, or can put you in touch with a mobile butcher if it's just for your own consumption.  In either case, we'll do the aging, cutting, processing, etc and final wrap and get your order boxed up for you.

2.  If you do not have a source of beef, bison, etc, then we can source for you.  We will obtain the meat from local central Alberta farms, using the same farmers and ranchers that we use to supply our store.  If you like our steaks, sausages and roasts, then you'll like the custom cut meat because it's exactly the same meat.


For custom cutting pricing, please select the link below.  Bear in mind that market prices for animals change regularly, so please phone the store to confirm the current carcass prices.


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